Other Directories

You may be looking for a therapist and mental health practitioner, but not necessarily a Muslim one. In fact, some Muslims prefer working with a therapist who isn’t Muslim.

We have compiled a list of other directories (US based) you can use to find a therapist who fits other criteria you may have (person of color, LGBTQI, etc.).

Check out our section on how to choose a therapist.


    • Therapy for Black Girls

      This directory provides a list of mental health professionals across the US who provide culturally competent counseling services to Black women and girls. You can filter your search by insurance, distance, and whether they prescribe medications.

    • Therapy for Latinx

      This directory provides a list of Latinx mental health professionals (therapists and psychiatrists), support groups and life coaches across the US. You can filter your search by name, area and specialization.

    • Latinx Therapy
      The directory is described as a bilingual database with listings of Latinx therapists. You can search initially by zip code and then narrow your search by gender, age, specialty, language, session type, sexual orientation and insurance.


    • National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network https://www.nqttcn.com
      This US based directory is smaller compared to the other ones listed here. You can search by clicking on the markings on their map to find the corresponding therapist. The information provided is comprehensive, but the directory does not give you an option to search.


The next three directories are not geared specifically towards people of color. However, they are more frequently used and have a larger database from which to select mental health practitioners, including mental health providers of color. You can narrow your search using multiple filters, including type of insurance, sexual orientation, religion, language, specialty, age specialty, gender and others.


      1. Psychology Today
        Covers more area geographically and may be best for those seeking a counselor outside of the US.
      1. TherapyDen
      1. Good Therapy
      1. Psychology Today