Based in the US, UK and Canada

The following organizations, initiatives and projects have been listed due to their focus on promoting mental health and wellness within the Muslim community- including countering racism within the community as experiencing racism has a direct effect on a person’s well-being.

The listed descriptions for each organization are the description provided by the organization as listed on their website. All credit for the description goes to them.

Please note this list is not a comprehensive list of the many organizations, projects and initiatives focused on Muslim mental health and wellness. This list is updated continuously. We have made the effort to remove organizations that have a poor response time or are unknown in their delivery. Please note, Therapy for Muslims is not recommending any of these providers.

 If you would like us to include other organizations, initiatives and projects that we have missed but you feel are important, please email us at

    • Amala Hopeline (US based) (1-855-952-6252)
      The Amala Muslim Youth Hopeline began with the aim of providing an accessible, confidential, and culturally competent means of peer counseling and resource referral for Muslim youth. [The] mission is to provide a non-judgmental and understanding over-the-phone atmosphere for individuals to seek help. We want to help Muslim youth find the Hope that they need, and that is why we are Amala, the Muslim Youth HOPELINE.” (M, W, F, Sat, Sun (6 m -10 pm PST)

    • American Muslim Health Professionals
      AMHP is a non-profit organization bringing together and strengthening the impact of Muslim health professionals to improve the health and wellness of all Americans.

    • Amina-The Muslim Women’s Resource Center
      (UK based- Glasgow)
      To empower, inspire and support Muslim Women by working with partners to influence and create change in society to ensure that their voices are heard and needs are met.

    • Children of Jannah
      This initiative’s main ethos is based on the belief that the souls of children who die enter Heaven or Jannah (in Arabic), and has become their key message in providing comfort, education and training to thousands affected by child bereavement.

    • Enabled Muslim
      Enabled Muslim, a project of American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP), is an online community for spiritual and practical support for Muslims with disabilities and their loved ones. Enabled Muslim provides Muslims with access to relevant information about their situation and the ability to connect and sustain long-lasting relationships with others who have similar experiences.

    • Facing Abuse In Community Environments (F.A.C.E.)
      The mission of F.A.C.E. is to serve as an independent first line of defense for victims in the Muslim community experiencing abuse and neglect at the hands of religious and community leaders and the institutions protecting them. This will be accomplished by providing reliable and professional avenues of reporting abuse, investigation, education and resolution services to address claims.

    • Global Deaf Muslim
      The organization was established in 2005 by Deaf Muslim graduates to address the rights and needs of Deaf Muslims across the global ummah.

    • HEART (US based)
      HEART promotes sexual health and sexual violence awareness in Muslim communities through health education, advocacy, research and training. Our work is culturally-sensitive and developmentally appropriate for the audience that we serve.

    • Imaan (UK based)
      Imaan is an organization dedicated to providing support for LGBTQI Muslims and their families to address their exploration of sexual orientation within Islam.

    • In Shaykh’s Clothing
      In Shaykh’s Clothing is a a resource website for spiritual abuse in the Muslim community.

    • Inspirited Minds (UK based)
      Inspirited Minds is a faith based, voluntary mental health charity located in London that launched in 2014 with the aim to raise awareness, combat stigmas and provide professional, non-judgmental, confidential support to those with mental health illnesses. Although Inspirited Minds works predominantly with those from an Islamic faith, they do not disregard any persons of differing backgrounds.

    • Institute of Muslim Mental Health
      Our broad vision is the long-term mental health and well-being of Muslim communities supported through preventative interventions and education which is accessible, culturally relevant and academically sound.

    • Islam By Touch
      Islam By Touch aims to make Islam accessible to the blind community.

    • Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA)
      The Islamic Social Services Association, Inc. (ISSA-USA) envisions a spiritually and culturally competent social service network that ensures the highest quality of life possible for every individual, family, and community.

    • Journal of Muslim Mental Health
      The Journal of Muslim Mental Health is a peer-reviewed academic journal which publishes articles on mental health issues affecting Muslims in the United States and globally.

    • Khalil Center (USA and Canada)
      Khalil Center is a social and spiritual community wellness center designed to address the widespread prevalence of social, psychological, familial, relational and spiritual issues of communities. Khalil Center’s approach emphasizes: psychological reconstruction, behavioral reformation and spiritual elevation. Khalil Center utilizes faith-based approaches rooted in Islamic theological concepts while integrating the science of psychology towards addressing psychological, spiritual and communal health. Current locations include: Chicago, Bay area (California), Southern California, New York City and Toronto.

    • Malikah
      Malikah is a grassroots movement that facilitates opportunities for women to experience sisterhood, learn new skills, including financial literacy, and overall lead to the betterment of women by providing them with tools and skills. A key part of Malikah is training women in self-defense. Malikah has developed the Muslim Masculinity Project, an initiative with the goal of helping Muslim men remove toxic masculinity from within the Muslim community and work on understanding what it means to be an ally.

    • Millati Islam
      Millati Islami is a fellowship of men and women, joined together on the “Path of Peace”. We share our experiences, strengths, and hopes while recovering from our active addiction to mind and mood altering substances. We look to Allah (G-D) to guide us on Millati Islami (the Path of Peace). While recovering, we strive to become rightly guided Muslims, submitted our will and services to Allah.

    • Muhsen (US based)
      Muhsen is a non–profit umbrella organization serving the community to establish a more inclusive “Special Needs Friendly” environment for our Brothers & Sisters living with Disabilities. Muhsen will advocate, educate, train and implement programs and services nationwide to improve access to Masajid for individuals with Special Needs as well as acceptance and inclusion by the community in all aspects.

    • Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity
      (MASGD) (US based)

      The Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity (MASGD) works to support, empower and connect LGBTQ Muslims. We seek to challenge root causes of oppression, including misogyny and xenophobia. We aim to increase the acceptance of gender and sexual diversity within Muslim communities.

    • Muslim Anti-Racism Collaboration (Muslim-ARC) (US based)                   MuslimARC is an human rights education organization. Our work consists of raising awareness and training Muslim communities on issues of racial justice. In order to uproot racism, we focus on developing and delivering education on internalized, interpersonal, and institutional racism. While the majority of our members are currently in the United States, we stand in solidarity with oppressed people and incorporate global voices because our community is cosmopolitan, reflecting transnational identities with local particularities. In our trainings and workshops, MuslimARC addresses both personal and systemic racism.

    • Muslim Fertility Project
      The Muslim Fertility Project (MFP) is a project established in 2016 to strengthen and empower Muslims with infertility through empirical research, dialogue, education, resources, and training.

    • Muslim Foster Care Association (US based)
      The Muslim Foster Care Association (MFCA) is a non-profit organization based in Michigan established to improve the lives of foster children, and provide a support network for foster parents.

    • Muslim Masculinity Project (US based)
      The Muslim Masculinity Project (MMP) is a program of Malikah, which is a grassroots women’s empowerment group. MMP promotes Malikah’s Healing Justice curriculum that engages men to redefine a positive, healthy Muslim masculinity. We gather men in person to discuss topics like male mental health, prophetic masculinity, gender, how men are raised, and violence against women.

    • Muslims Thrive (US based)
      Muslims Thrive is an emerging collective with a clear mission: to destigmatize mental health challenges by creating forums of education, advocacy, and acceptance while being a leading voice for health and wellness in the Muslim community.

    • Muslim Wellness Foundation (US based)
      The core mission is to reduce stigma and promote healing in the American Muslim community through dialogue, education and training. Their primary event is the annual Black Muslim Psychology Conference.

    • Muslim Youth Hotline (UK) (phone: 0808 808 2008)
      The Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH) is an award-winning registered charity which provides pioneering faith and culturally sensitive services to Muslim youth in the UK. Support is provided via chat, phone and/or email. The service operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year and from between 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

    • Naseeha Youth Helpline- US based (1 (866) 627-3342)
      Naseeha provides an anonymous, non-judgemental, confidential and toll-free peer support helpline to listen to and be there for youth experiencing personal challenges and to support them in working through those challenges.
      The helpline operates 7 days a week from 3 – 9 pm (EST).

    • Peaceful Families Project
      The Peaceful Families Project (PFP) is an initiative devoted to ending domestic violence in Muslim families by facilitating awareness workshops for Muslim leaders and communities, providing cultural sensitivity trainings and technical assistance for professionals, conducting research, and developing resources.

    • Project Sakinah
      Project Sakinah initiates and nurtures community efforts nation-wide to grow healthy families that protect our women and children – and men too – from neglect and homes broken by violence.

    • Purify Your Gaze
      This initiative is dedicated to helping Muslims struggling with sex addiction and their families find hope and healing.

    • RAHMA
      RAHMA’s mission is to address HIV/AIDS in faith communities through education, advocacy, and empowerment.

    • Rivers of Hope
      Resources, Support, and Community for Survivors of Islamophobic Violence (Canada based):
      The mission of the organization is to provide tools to support survivors of all forms of Islamophobic violence. They also engage schools and communities to educate others on Islamophobic violence and how to support survivors.

    • SEEMA (Support Embrace Empower Mental Health Advocacy)
      SEEMA was developed to bring the conversation of mental health and stigma to the forefront of our Muslim communities, to support one another, rather than suffering alone. SEEMA advocates to embrace and empower mental health by way of support groups, educational workshops, social activities, and access to professionals, to eradicate mental health stigma within the Muslim community.

    • Stones to Bridges
      This website is geared towards Muslim youth and provides them a safe platform to discuss their concerns. The website also has a Muslim version of “Dear Abby.”

    • Tayba Foundation (US based)
      Tayba Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal of providing “holistic education and support for incarcerated Muslims. Their programs focus on life skills, education and re-entry.

    • War Against Eating Disorders
      War Against Eating Disorders is a blog dedicated to addressing eating disorders within the Muslim community in order to raise awareness around the subject.